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Unit 6: Business Decision Making - Sources for the Collection of Data

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  • Course Code: BSBSUS501
  • Course Title: Unit 6: Business Decision Making - Sources for the Collection of Data
  • University: Regent College
  • Country: UK


London and the wider South East are growing rapidly. In London alone there are now a record 8.6 million people; this will increase to 10 million by 2030. These extra people will mean five million more journeys each day on the transport network. Overcrowding on the Tube is forecast to double by 2041, and National Rail services will face similar challenges.

Crossrail 2 would: Transform travel across London and the wider South East.

Grow the UK economy, support 60,000 full-time jobs across the UK while Crossrail 2 is being built and, when operational, support 200,000 new jobs

Provide new capacity for up to 270,000 more people travelling into London in peak periods, helping relieve crowding and congestion on the transport network.

Support regeneration and the development of around 200,000 new homes across the region.

Crossrail 2 has cross-party support. It features in the National Infrastructure Plan, the London Plan, the Mayor’s Transport Strategy and Network Rail’s route strategies. Crossrail 2 is being developed as
a joint project by TfL and Network Rail, with financial support from the Department for Tran sport (DfT).

Task 1

John, the owner of a shop selling clothes, has decided to have a store promotion. He has collected some sales data which he is finding it difficult to analyse. So he has decided to hire you as his consultant to assist him in this area. In discussions with him, you find out that he has a larger profit margin when he sells items priced at more than £40.00 compared to items priced up to £40.00.

You are required to estimate the following and advise him on the promotion activity he carried out:

  • Mean, median and modal amount spent by customers.
  • Range and sandard deviation.
  • Lower and upper quartile and inter-quartile range.
  • Find the correlation coefficient using the additional information provided and discuss it’s uses to John’s business.

The managing director of a company that sells shoes imported from Indonesia has hired you as a sales analyst. The managing director gives you the following data and asks you to prepare a report and present your findings to the board of directors in a presentation. However, before you can even make a
presentation and write a report, you are to produce different types of graphs and charts that you can use in your presentation and report.

  • Produce a line graph for advertising and sales figures given from 2010 to 2015 and a pie chart and a bar chart for net income generated by the four branches of the company in 2015.
  • Produce a scatter graph (XY plot) for sales figures from 2010 to 2015 using a spreadsheet and create a trend line on the scatter graph and use it to forecast sales figures for the years 2016 and 2017. Obtain the linear equation of the line fitted on the scatter graph.
  • Prepare a business presentation using suitable software (power point) and techniques (graphic representations of data) to disseminate information effectively regarding the above scenario of the company.

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